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Struggling writing your manuals? In need of some inspo? Cant find the time to set aside to create your own manuals?

Here at BSO we have got you covered, this is an already approved guarenteed accredited manual with us at Beauty Standards Org.


What you will recieve?
This is an editable downloadable link for Canva that gives you full access to change anything you like with the manual colours, fonts, layouts everything you will require to make it your own


Our Builder Gel template includes a comprehensive and professionally-designed manual with all the necessary information and resources you need to create a successful beauty education program. With our Builder Gel manual, you can save time and effort by having access to pre-written materials and templates, allowing you to focus on teaching and mentoring your students. You can be rest assured that our accreditation is recognized and respected within the beauty industry, giving you and your program the credibility and legitimacy it deserves.
Beauty Standards Org can guarentee this manual will be approved instantly.

Don't let the hassle of creating your own manuals hold you back - let BSO's manual templates help you reach your goals.

Builder Gel Manual

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